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JMA Entertainment has been teaching and developing Entertainers for over 10 years.

After winning Australia’s Got talent in 2010, our books were filled with people wanting to learn how to captivate an audience and STAND OUT on stage in Vocal and Dance performances.


JMA has worked with many vocalists, Dancers and performers throughout the years, teaching dance, vocals and stagecraft, creating many performance opportunities and creativly directing many live shows and music clips.


At JMA we pride ourselves in developing confident singers and dancers who are STANDOUT ENTERTAINERS!


JMA has a wealth of experience in running workshops and bootcamps and for the first time, JMA will bring workshops directly to your school or studio!

Your students will take part in your choice of Dance, Vocal, and/or Stagecraft workshops, directed by one of the industry's leading artist developement organisations.



Commercial Hip Hop Dance

based on hip hop and JFH techniques


Song & Dance

Combine vocals, dance, and stagecraft in the style of pop or Musical theatre



Developing the STAND OUT, confident performer in you!



Working with your competition/performance teams and giving them an edge on their routines!


what is stagecraft?

learning performance is fundamental to a singer', dancer' and performers development and starts in the classroom.

For performers to become entertainers they often need specific training, tailored to their strengths, with a strong focus on minimizing any weaknesses that could prevent them from reaching their full potential as an entertainer.

There are many layers that go into communicating and relating to your audience.

Understanding how to connect with your audience, how to captivate an audience, evoke emotion, how to speak, perform and sing or dance with confidence is the main component of an Entertainer.


In our Stagecraft workshop we teach you how to emotionally connect with music and audience and how to express that physically, staying composed and in control during performance, how to captivate and draw an audience in to your performance, a basic understanding of introducing a song and speaking to a crowd throughout a performance, body language and communication and how that impacts on your performance and your audience.

stagecraft teaches;

  • Emotional connection during performance and how to physically express that.


  • Public speaking and developing rapport with your audience.


  • Confidence building performance exercises.


  • Improvisation on stage.


  • Critique and Growth- Helping the performer recognize and strengthen their weaknesses.


  • Overcoming fear of performance and stage fright


  • Tricks to ‘Captivate’ an audience and STAND OUT on stage.

Children Singing in a Choir

workshop packages


Dance & Stagecraft

Pop Group

Retro ghetto blaster, dust and dancer is
Group of young hip-hop dancers performin

custom designed

JMA will develop a custom Performance piece specifically for your studio show group.

We will design, choreograph, and teach a performance piece for a stage or video clip.


Completion timeframe for Custom Performance pieces that are booked, is assessed on the ability of students - Normally requiring between 6 - 10 hours to complete.

(Depending on skill level and complexity of the performance piece)


Custom Performance pieces are booked separately - please contact to discuss

for Bookings please contact :

Anna Jaques