Sing. Dance. STANDOUT!


  • Hip Hop and Jazz Funk Dance- Learn a whole dance a show opener and a finale!

  • SInging - Learn a whole pop song!

  • Performance development - Improvisation, how to 'connect' to song/audience and stand out in performance. 

  • Develop a pop song and dance routine

  • Improvisation and drama games

  • Boost your confidence

  • Public speaking

Learn a whole song and dance routine, Develop in confidence, Develop your public speaking skills  and perform for your friends and family!

During the 3 day camp you will explore drama games and improvisation techniques, gain confidence and learn how to maximize your stage presence and emotional connection during a performance.  


Know how to engage with an audience and STAND OUT on stage.

We are not just performers, we are ENTERTAINERS!!

Redeem your creative kids voucher for $100 off the workshop!

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