• Justice Crew

  • Sarah Ellen

  • Jai Waetford

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

  • Fourtunate

  • Barry Southgate

  • Michael Flores

  • Liam Ferrari

  • Angel Tupai

  • Zigitty Crew

  • Capree

  • Straight Up

  • Omar Dean

  • Little Miss

  • What About Tonight

  • Girl Class



At JMA we Recognise Talent in People who are not Yet at their Full Potential, create a plan to grow their talent and performance skills and use their full potential.

At JMA we custom make Training Packages for performing artisits, Wanting to Enhance their Strengths and Strenthen Their weaknesses

At JMA We think out of the box, Different from the typical acts. We encourage each person we work with to draw out their own unique style and identity. more





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After winning 2010 Australia's Got Talent with their team "Justice Crew" Maurice June and Anna Jaques got their vision of teaching and developing other up and coming artists, such as: "What about Tonight"; "Zigitty Crew"; and "Fourtunate", and many others who have a passion for the Performing Arts, and getting into the Entertainment Industry.
At JMA we are passionate about teaching at a higher level, focusing on: Creative entertaining; artistic productions; and well disciplined Performing Art styles, including: Break Dance; Popping; Tricking; Vocals and Performance Techniques, training individuals to become all round performers and artists.